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Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tours - lets compare!

A brief introduction to our Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tours...

Don’t leave London without taking one of the best-selling UK tours… the London to Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tour!

Windsor Stonehenge and Bath Tour highlights include:

  • Entrance to home of Queen Elizabeth II – Windsor Castle.
  • Entrance to one of the ancient wonders of the world – Stonehenge.
  • Entrance to some of the worlds oldest baths – Roman Baths
  • Panoramic tour of Bath on luxury coaches that include wifi!

Map of Stonehenge, Windsor and Bath Tour Journey

See the historical Royal Home of Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is only 45 minutes from Central London and the official home of Queen Elizabeth II, and has been home to the British Monarchy for over 900 years. When you enter the castle you will see it is built on high land and overlooks the wonderful town of Windsor and the River Thames. Part of your tour around Windsor will involve a visit to the State Apartments which are still in use for Royal reception parties hosted by Her Royal Highness. During your time at the castle you will also be given the chance to freely explore the grounds and that can include a visit to St Georges Chapel (you will be unable to visit on Sunday’s due to Sunday service). The Chapel is the home of many past Kings and Queens including the extremely famous King Henry VIII.

Wonder the ancient stones of Stonehenge

One of the leading UK Attractions, Stonehenge is shrouded in mystery, it is an amazing feat of engineering and is defined as one of the most important pre-historic site in England. Stonehenge is not only highly significant in terms of archaeology, it is also believed to have a astronomical role and is also a place of significant spiritual importance. It will always be clouded in mystery and early legends link Stonehenge with Merlin and King Arthur, but more recently in the last hundred years the midsummer sunrise has brought with it pagan groups and followers of the Ancient Order of Druids to Stonehenge.

Visit the stunning City of Bath

No tour to Windsor and Stonehenge is complete without visiting the stunning Georgian City of Bath, you will be taken on a panoramic tour of Bath and see some of the finest architectural sights in Europe, this will include the magnificent Bath Abbey, the Circus, the Royal Crescent, Assembly Rooms and of course the Pulteney Bridge. You will be shown the Roman Baths which are built around thermal springs, these have been providing water for over two thousand years. Going back to Roman times, a great Temple was erected next to this sacred spring, it was believed that the water from it had healing properties and therefore it attracted visitors from all across the Roman Empire.

Frequently Asked Questions about this tour:

  • How far is Windsor from Stonehenge? It is approximately 68 miles and that’s about 70 minutes by coach.
  • Is it easy to get to Stonehenge from London by myself? It can be done by car easily, but by public transport it can be more difficult as there are no direct train links to Stonehenge.
  • Can I walk around the Stones? You can walk around the stone but only on special access tours and these are limited. However, the normal tours get you very close to the Stones so you wont feel like you are missing out on anything.

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